New coiling machine for chains – Model M7

With the new M7 chain coiling machine, it’s easy to handle the manufactured chain and insert ties that allow the machine to:

  • Discharge the chain
  • Lift, handle, and insert the chain without the need for bulky and expensive equipment for thermal treatment.

What are the benefits of the new chain coiler?

  • Collects and organizes the chain in an orderly manner
  • Greatly facilitates the handling and transportation of chains
  • Allows organizing the chain to maximize space efficiency
Performance data:

  • Maximum capacity 1000 kg
  • Coiling diameter 1000 mm
  • Maximum coil length 2 m

Customization for every need:

We understand the importance of adapting to the diverse needs of our customers. Therefore, in addition to our M7 model, we offer the possibility to develop customized versions with a smaller coiling diameter.

For example, we have developed a variant with a capacity of 200 kg, a coiling diameter of 600 mm, and a maximum coil length of 1 meter, ideal for those who need less bulky solutions.