Wire drawing

Singleblock wire drawing is a horizontal axis machine that is positioned in line before the bending machine.

Starting from raw material, machine bring the diameter of the wire to a certain size by means of a tungsten carbide die with a shaped profile.

It is equipped with a compensating arm that allows to automatically adjust the working speed of the machine, according to the speed of the bending machine.


There are 2 types of die singleblock: Single pass (SP) or double pass (DP).

The single-pass version has a single drawing box, the double-pass version has a double drawing box.

The drawing process increases the malleability of the wire, making it more workable, increasing the life of the bending machine equipment.

MODELEntrance diameterN° passSpeed m/min
SP64 - 61/
SP86 - 815 - 20
SP128 - 1215 - 20
DP64 - 62/
DP86 - 825 - 20
DP128 - 1225 - 20