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Milani wire machinery company

Company history

Milani Srl operates in the field of machinery for the wire industry since 1986.
It was born in 2004 when his father Giuseppe who ran the old company MGM (Meccanica Generica Milani) retired after having worked for over 30 years in the world of mechanics.
The experience gained over the years allows us to offer reliable and technologically advanced products today and to compete with the most important manufacturers of straightening machines and machinery for chain production.
Wire processing machinery sector
since 1986
Milani srl is born
New plant
Milani srl realizes its own family of straightening and calibrating machines for chains
New headquarter in Presezzo
New corporate image
The generational change leads to an evolution of the company, the great working streak of dad remains the basis of the new company to which the impulse of the young children is added.


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Technical manager


Administrative manager


Purchasing department

The working group in Milani is made up of people dedicated to work, very prepared and trustworthy, this allows Milani to grow from all points of view, especially in research and development, innovation and quality, guaranteeing its customers reliability and safety.

The company grows continuously in a warehouse of 200 square meters until 2007/08, the year in which the space available is no longer enough and it is at that point that Milani takes the first big step, doubling the available sizes by renting a new warehouse of another 200sqm adjacent to the historic one.

In 2010 the company decided to leave the metal wire sector on which it had become well known for maintenance, modifications and repairs, creating its own family of straightening and calibrating machines for chains.
In those years the competitors wavered while Milani grew both from the point of view of the machines built and from the commercial point of view.

The commercial network expands thanks above all to the arrival of Mr. Vitari which brings in new customers who are increasingly interested in the families of machines that Milani produces.
Milani also enters strongly in the spare parts and assistance of wire straightening machines but not only.
The technical capacity of the Milani group pushes customers to ask for revisions, maintenance and spare parts even for mechanical machines not only straighten wires but also industrial machines in general.

In 2018 Milani moved to the new 1800 sq m headquarters in Presezzo.
The design, assembly and testing take place in our factory; the production of every detail takes place in our workshop or by selected subcontractors.

The production of Milani S.r.l. it concerns machinery for straightening and cutting wire and complete lines for the production of chain links, it also offers a service of overhaul and repair and sale of used machinery.

Find out more about what we do:

Straightening and cutting

Automatic straightening and cutting machines for metal wire with fixed and flying shears, the result of the joint experience between Milani srl and Mr. Mario Vitari

Chain production

Lines for the production of even large chains with cold bending. From the bending machine to palletising, from traceability to the brushing machine.

Revamping and retrofitting

The Milani company is able to renovate, retrofit and repair old bending machines, welding machines and sizing machines. We have been working on chain machines of different brands since 1986.

Technical assistance

Our diagnostic service is carried out through telephone tests, remote connections and maintenance and assistance in presence.