Chain production

Milani designs and develops complete lines for the production of link chains up to 60 degree.

Years of experience in the field, thanks to the collaboration of the many customers who have us
chosen as a partner, they allowed us to bring highly products
technologically customized to production needs
advanced without forgetting reliability.

Chain production

Automatic straightening and cutting machines for metal wire with fixed and flying shears.

This line of automatic straightening and cutting machines is the result of the joint experience between Milani srl and Mr. Mario Vitari who for many years have dedicated themselves to the design and construction of machines for the metal wire industry.

Precision, speed, reliability:

Wire drawing machines

Singleblock wire drawing is a horizontal axis machine that is positioned in line before the bending machine. Starting from raw material, machine bring the diameter of the wire to a certain size by means of a tungsten carbide die with a shaped profile.
RTV straightening machines Milani wire machinery


Automatic machine for bending chain rings; we have 2 types of machines, 1-phase or 3-phase bending, depending on the customer’s requests and kind of chain to produce.
Accessories for straightening machines Milani


Automatic machine for welding chain rings grade 60; the welding of the chain takes place with two different movements, the first mechanical, for a quick approach to the chain link and a pneumatic one by means of a piston that exerts the pressure required during the welding operation.


Automatic machine for chain calibration. Its role is to control the quality of the weld and bring the chain links at a constant pitch. The chain is pulled to a certain weight, to obtain the desired elongation, and at the same time check the test load;
RTV straightening machines Milani wire machinery

Cutting machines

Automatic machine for counting and cutting the chain; this machine allows you to cut pieces of a certain number of rings, both even and odd;

New coiling machine for chains - Model M7

With the new M7 chain coiling machine, it’s easy to handle the manufactured chain and insert ties that allow the machine to discharge, lift, handle, and insert the chain.

Accessories for straightening machines Milani


Series of accessories intended for the improvement and speeding up of machinery and production processes such as the electrode milling machine, chain distributors, chain winding machines, etc.