RTV series

Series of rotor straightening machines with flying shear suitable for straightening and cutting different qualities of wire, specially for cold and hot ribbed wire.

Designed to obtain excellent production and reliability, it allows us to respond to the production needs of customers

Flying shear

The two type RTV512 and RTV816 are equipped with 3 and 4 pairs of wire feeding rollers respectively.
Rotating body with 5 straightening dies.
Cutting unit with flying shear controlled by hydraulic clutch / brake
Length tolerance bars +/- 4/5 mm approximately, with motorized payoff.
Electric motors to drive the rotor and wire feed with independent electronic speed variation.
MODELWire gauge mm SMOOTHWire gauge mm COLD RIBBEDWire gauge mm HOT RIBBEDSPEED m/minN° COUPLE wire feeding roller
RTV5125.0 - 12.05.0 - 12.05.0 - 12.080 - 1303
RTV8168.0 - 16.08.0 - 16.08.0 - 16.080 - 1304