FE 326 Milling electrodes

It is used to sharpen the electrodes of the welding machine. The machine is capable of sharpening several electrodes at the same time.

This machine was created due to the particular geometry of the electrodes in the welding machine.

Chain distributors

Automatic machine that arranges the chain on a pallet or in a box. This product is universal, meaning it can be used for all types of chains and machinery.

Chain winders

Automatic machine that arranges the chain on a reel or spools of various sizes; equipped with manually operated hydraulic shear for cutting the chain.

Traceability code printers

Automatic machines for printing on the chain of customizable codes; chain feed by servomotor, printing by hydraulic cylinder.

Mechanical descaler

Automatic machine for the mechanical cleaning of the wire, equipped with a brush device for an excellent surface finish that allows to limit the wear of the drawing dies

Brushing machine

It is used to remove the impurities left over after the descaling process.

Butt welder

Machine that joins 2 ends of the wire (the beginning of the new wire with the end of the previous one) by skipping the sharpening process useful for inserting the wire into the holes for drawing.