Techincal assistance and spare parts

I Our diagnostic service is initially carried out through telephone tests, then with a remote connection and subsequently with a maintenance and assistance intervention in presence.
Techincal assistance

What do we do

Telephone diagnostics

An initial intervention is made by telephone to understand the type of problem and try to solve it immediately with the customer.

Intervention on site

If the initial operation fails, the intervention is carried out by a technician from the customer, regardless of the origin of the machine.


There may be situations in which we are unable to intervene, perhaps relating to software problems or relating to the type of machinery.

Interventions for all

Assistance interventions are carried out on all machinery, both those produced by us and those of other companies. We always try to help the customer to the best of our abilities!

Spare parts


We produce in-house or by selected subcontractors spare parts for our machines and for machines of other brands;
We have a warehouse of available parts that allows the customer a quick supply.

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